UQ Cyber Squad 0x01 Intro to Linux, Machines, and Networking

Introduction Found the UQ Cyber Squad site at https://cybersquad.uqcloud.net/index.html. Signed up for their CTF on https://ctf.uqcloud.net/ 0x01 Introduction to Linux This was identical to the QUT Whitehats Week 2 for challenges 1 through to 8. The writeup was already done at https://kush.com.fj/blog/posts/2020-02-28_qut_wh_wk2/. No place like index.html - 10pts There’s no clues or hints for this but it was pretty obvious. Navigated to https://cybersquad.uqcloud.net/index.html Manually reviewed the page source and searched for flag Found flag on line #30 of the source Submitted: flag{w0ah_n1c3_f1nd} Machines The machines challenges were named machines because they provided virtual machines for a traditional boot-to-root.

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