Cisco console from Ubuntu 10.04

It’s pretty easy to set-up Cisco serial console connectivity on Ubuntu 10.04. The usual way is to use minicom. The serial ports usually called COM1-4 usually have the following address range;

  1. COM1 - 3E8
  2. COM2 - 2F8
  3. COM3 - 3E8
  4. COM4 - 2E8

To complete the setup first determine the address used for COM1 (or whichever serial port you wish to use) on your machine  query the kernel buffer ring using the dmesg command, then install and configure the minicom, modem emulation tool.

  1. sudo dmesg | grep tty
  2. sudo apt-get install minicom
  3. sudo minicom -s # Configure the terminal to use 9600-8-N-1 and save as dfl
  4. sudo minicom



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